Tepp Team USA began in the early 1950s and has since blossomed into one of the greatest companies for wholesale Persian rugs on the east coast. The business began in one of the most historical capitals of Iran, Tabriz, in the northwest region of current day Iran. Currently, the warehouse sits in the heart of the tristate area in North Bergen, NJ, but transports all over the country and globe.

The original family company imports fine rugs from all over the spectrum including but not limited to: Persian, Pakistani, Indian, and Turkish rugs. Although Tepp Team’s expertise is in fine Persian Rugs. All of our company’s rugs are exclusive to hand made rugs. Every rug is unique, some of our rugs are named after the area in which they originate from and others are known by their weavers. Tepp Team USA offers different rugs from different parts of Persia include Bidjar, Gabbeh, Ghom (Qum), Isfahan, loribaft, Mashad, and Tabriz. Tepp Team USA is very proud to carry many famous weavers such as, Dabir, Habibian, Jamshidi, Javad Ghalam, Mir Mehdi, Mohtasham, Pournami, Qarabaghi (Karabaghi), and saber Rugs.

In addition to all our Persian masterpieces we offer Pakistani and Indian rugs both in contemporary (Loribaft) and traditional styles (Lahore, Mahal, Kazak, and Kashmeri).

Our fine rugs are made primarily of wool and silk but consist of different combinations of the two. Some you will find are 100% wool, such as Gabbed rugs, while others are 100% made of the finest Persian silk and some are even a combination of the two. For example Ghom (Qum) rugs tend to be mostly silk based.

Customers will find that our rugs come in two forms with regards to design they will either be medallion or all over. We carry rugs with the Dome, tribal, pictorial, paisley, Mahi (fish), and Herati design. Customers will be able to find rugs of all different shapes and sizes. The sizes range from the smallest being a scatter to the largest size called a palace rug. Tepp Team USA carries different shapes as well, rugs come in rectangle, round, square, runner, and oval shapes.

Tepp Team USA offers the highest fine Tabriz rugs, of Northwest Persia. The beautiful Tabriz rugs come with high 24 Raj and Nain rugs on the other hand found in central Persian come in different layers known as La’s. Our Nain’s come in 4La, 6La, and 9La.

Our customer services comes first and we deliver using UPS and FedEx to all over the world. Additionally, if our customers have a problem with a rug even after a few years we help expedite the cleaning and repairs and work closely with the customer to ensure proper handling (including washing) of the rug.